Design and Analysis of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders made of Steel. LP-gas inside a container is in two states of matter, liquid and vapour. The liquid portion of container is in the bottom and the vapour is in the uppermost part of the vessel. Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gas is stored and handled as a liquid when under pressure inside a LP-Gas container. When compressed moderately at normal temperature, it becomes liquid. When gas is withdrawn, the pressure drops and the liquid reverts to gas. This means that it can be transported and stored as liquid and burnt as gas. A number of cases are considered to study the stresses and deformations due to pressure loading inside the cylinder. First, the results of stresses and deformation for steel cylinders are compared with the analytical solution available in literature in order to validate the model and the software. A variation of stresses and deformations throughout the cylinder made of steel is studied. In this the cylinder is designed in Pro-E WILDFIRE to study the stresses and deformations of the cylinder. And it is converted to Pro-E model to ANSYS to know variations of the steel cylinder when it is under some conditions.

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