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Design and Analysis

Globe valves are one of the oldest valve
types used for throttling application for all sizes
due to better controllability and range. There
are different types of globe valve available, but
for control valve condition cage and plug
designs are widely employed. Cage and design
consist of body, valve cage, plug and an
actuation mechanism. At present the globe
valves designed for various purposes are of these
150/300/600/1500/2500/4500 classes. Now the
requirements of globe valves are to control high
pressure and high temperature, which doesn’t
come under these classes. My project is to design
and analysis of low noise multi stage 3000 rating
globe valve. This project is about to design a
globe valve, which can control high pressure
required in the boiler, which is not come under
the above given classes. The pressure reduction
or control of the pressure is done through
multilevel process which reduces the pressure by
different stages and which is a far effective and
successive method than all other existing
techniques. Much 3D software is used to design
and CFD software is used in this work to
analyse the pressure drop during the high
pressure flow inside the globe valve. The
material selection and all design basics are built
upon the ASME standards.

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