Desig Using Fuzzy Controller

Despite the benefits and recent
advances in an active suspension system, these
systems remain complex, bulky, and expensive
and are not common options on production
vehicles. Additionally, they typically require
considerable power and impose heavy loads on
the engine. Semi active suspensions overcome
many of these limitations of active suspensions,
although generally with a reduction in
achievable ride quality and handling
performance, though some researchers have
concluded that this reduction is quite small.
Semi active suspensions can be considerably
compact, functionally simple as they require
only a variable damper and a few sensors to
achieve adequate performance, cost effective.
For this reason we focus our study on semi
active suspension system. The present work
aims at developing a Fuzzy logic controller for
one of the types of suspension system (viz. semi
active suspension system) and focus on
comparing the obtained results with that of
conventional passive suspension system in order
to reduce the sprung mass displacement for ride

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 01:38