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Dealer Management System is to bring much needed efficiency to dealership operations, department by department, person by person. Whether it may be large dealer group with multiple franchises and locations, even spanning geographic boundaries. This tools help’s to reduce operating costs and will help Dealer to focus on their area of expertise.

Dealer Management System delivers complete, fully integrated, dealer management systems to dealers across the Geographical location. The full featured, Dealer Management System can save a dealership thousands of dollars a month in support and maintenance, without giving up any important functions. Dealer Management System is the Internet based Application with all of the same features. They include Employee details, sales prospecting, Bank Transaction, service, Balance Sheet, monthly sales details, service tracking, daily sales details, shop detail, accounting and payroll etc.

This application automates the human resource procurement procedure. It mainly aims at computerizing the recruitment process. This computerized application automates operations of job search and job posting online.

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