Cyper Crime Protection System to avoid password breaking

The Cyber Crime Protection System contribution is an answer to harmful automated scripts that create large numbers of user accounts. This will be very useful method for many web sites and portals.

To make powerful Visual Verification Code system we have following two ways.

  1. Limited Images
  2. Unlimited Alphanumeric Characters Image

Limited Image

The system works by displaying a Randomly Selected Image which contains the word and asking the user to enter the text that they see displayed. The image is dynamically generated from the pool of Images which are already created and stored in the database.

Unlimited Alphanumeric Character Images

The Alphanumeric Characters Image dynamically selected by Random Process algorithm based on the length provide and which are displayed on the screen and user has to enter the same to proceed further.

With 4 character length it has the variation of 36 ^ 4 i.e 1679616 combination.

This system divided into two Sessions one Admin Session and another one is Member Session. 

Admin Session

  • Login
  • Image Maintenance
  • Alphanumeric Character Image Maintenance
  • Configuration Module
  • Member Details
  • Change Password

 Member Session

  • Sign Up Module
  • Visual Verification Code Generation Module (Limited Image)
  • Password Generation Module
  • SMTP Server – Mail Processing Module
  • Login in module with Visual Verification Code

(Unlimited Alphanumeric Character Image)




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