Cyber Space

Cyber Space Management System is an online project. The aim of the project is to
provide a website for the users who wish to purchase space and domain for hosting their
websites. The front end used in this project is J2EE and the back end used is MySQL.
There are three types of users.
1. Administrator
Administrator is given functions like package creation, sending URL, password and
other details to the user, uploading and downloading files and giving assistance to the
2. User
User is given functions like viewing packages, select package ,make online
payments and uploading and downloading files. User can also check whether a
particular domain is available or not.
3. Visitor
Visitor is given functions like viewing packages, search for a particular domain

The proposed system performs the following functions:
User Registration
User can register by submitting the details. At the time of registration password is provided.
Registered user can create the account.
Creating package
The administrator can create the packages. By selecting the view scheme page , all the details
of the package are displayed.
File Transfer
The user can download and upload the files of specified size.
The administrator has the provision to view the existing users and also send the URL,
password and other details to user.

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