Control System

The present paper addresses the adaptive vehicle
skid control system, for stabilizing and tracking of
a vehicle during slippage of its wheels without
applying brake. The vehicle control system with
an adaptive control keeps the speed of the vehicle
as desired by applying more power to the drive
wheels where the additional driving force at the
non-skidding wheel will compensate for the loss of
the driving force at the skidding wheel, and also
arranges the direction of the vehicle motion by
changing the steering angle of the two front
steering wheels. This scenario is a complex system
of sensors and microprocessors that continually
monitor the vehicle for any signs of instability.
Once detected (usually in the form of a slide or
skid), the system automatically applies selective
braking to specific wheels thereby stabilizing the
vehicle. This split-second intervention often
happens so quickly that it is over before drivers
even realize they were in danger of losing control.
Therefore it increases both physical and
psychological comfort of the driver. But no matter
how advanced the safety aid, we should never
forget that the ultimate fate of a vehicle and its
occupants remains in the hands of the driver. So
while the latest generation of stability control
systems offer drivers increased protection for both
themselves and the vehicle, they can never

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