computer institute management system

The proposed system deals with all included activities handled by a computer center like enquiry, registration, faculty details, courses, fee information etc. This system is developed to eliminate all the complexities that can even occurred during the handling of a computer center. Now these days often seen that manual handling of a computer institute system has become more tedious task because a lot of many student comes for enquiring about different courses, few of them registered. A lot of courses are being conducted by the computer institute and to maintain faculty detail manually is also a tuff job. Since these works does manually thus it takes more time and there are chances of errors such as wrong fee details, wrong student registration etc. So to reduce these faults “Computer Institute Management System” has been developed. The proposed system “Computer Institute Management System” deals with all the activities done by any computer institute. So this project is developed for all those institutes who are dealing with enquiry, registration, course details, and fee details processes. This system is more flexible and efficient than manual work and reduce the total time consume at error chances. As we know that if we use a new system on existing system then we must want to know about objective of proposed system. Following are the some key objective of proposed system that makes it better than existing system.

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