Computer-aided design and analysis of direct-driven wheel motor drive

This paper presents the computer-aided design (CAD) and performance analysis of a novel direct-driven wheel brushless DC motor drive for electric vehicles (EVs). The proposed motor is a permanent magnet square-wave motor, whose rotor with rare earth magnets forms the exterior of the motor, which can be fitted with a wheel tire to realize the direct drive for each wheel of an EV. The interior stator with its windings is rigidly mounted onto the suspension and frame structure of the vehicle. In order to achieve the direct drive without any mechanical transmission for EVs, the wheel motor has been designed as a low-speed high-torque motor. The design and optimization of the motor geometry was achieved with the aid of finite-element electromagnetic field analysis. Simulation studies on the transient performance of the motor drive were also carried out. This involved the creation of the motor transient model and formulation of a motor control strategy to ensure the wheel motor drive runs efficiently in the entire permitted speed and load range. The application of CAD techniques in the design of this very unconventional drive is described in this paper

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