Comparative Study

Automobile HVAC climate control system
seems to be absolutely monetarily in automobile.
It warms the cabin when it’s cold outside and
cools when it is warm outside. There is a clear
debate that this system, takes up fuel and take
away the efficiency. The directionality pressure
drop and other parameters are the important
design consideration of the climate control system.
Thus, the basic structures available in modern
cars have undergone plenty of modifications and
right now we end up with distributors. A
comparative study between duct and diffuser will
be helpful to understand the exact flow physics in
the system. Modern era is enjoying the advantage
of computational method that saves lot of time
and money over conventional experimental
validation. CFD, Computational fluid dynamics is
found to be an exceptional tool in the process of
design nowadays. In our project CFD is used to
understand it compared to advantages of duct and
diffuser system which aids in good amount of
understanding flow behaviors inside the cabin.
Useful help in future modification to establish a
optimum design to the climate control system in

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