Cloud Operating System

The project is all about the implementation of the Cloud operating system, which is a browser operating system that mainly concentrates on virtualization of the applications, rather installing them into our machine. The applications are provided as web-services through the browser and the Gadgets. The Cloud OS supports building our own applications with .net and deploying them onto the cloud. The major features of the Cloud OS are security, virtualization, speed, availability, minimization of storage cost and application cost. The proposed cloud OS supports several web-services like Windows live, Windows sky-drive,, the services like Google apps provided by Google. The Cloud OS could neglect the storage restrictions since all our data are stored in the cloud in our data centers. In terms of security, the cloud OS is negligible to access to malicious programs, since no program runs in the user’s machine as they are done in the cloud. The Cloud Operating System is browser Operating system that is constructed over the modified Linux platform. This enables the Operating System to load in no time and connect to the internet instantly. Whenever we take a close look at the cloud applications, they are cheaper as they adopt “pay as you go”, i.e. we pay for the applications for the usage time, usually amount per hour basis. This also provides to the basic Office applications, Audio and video player, image viewer and file manager that manages the files and provide file sharing facility on the cloud. The authentication provides portability along with security, as all our data are stored onto the cloud and can be accessed anywhere with the OS. There is no room for hard disk failures since very minimum or negligible data are stored in the native system. It is difficult for hackers to identify a specific users data, since they cannot spot the exactly where the data is placed in the large data centers shared by many users. Thus with this Cloud Operating system, the users can create applications using .net, office documents, manage and play audio and video, access the web-services effectively.

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