Characterization of Composites

Titanium is an expensive metal and used in critical
applications like aircraft industry, process equipment
industries, automotive industries, particularly in sports car
making due to its outstanding strength to weight ratios. All
these applications cannot be done with pure titanium
metal. If titanium is used as a pure metal, the wear ratio is
high while compared to other metals. So, in order to
improve the wear resistance, titanium is mixed as an alloy
or in the form of composites. As a result, the wear rate will
reduce and gives good strength. The main advantage of
titanium composites is good fatigue strength, toughness
and excellent cryogenic properties. In this paper, I have
chosen one reinforced composite to prepare titanium
composites for studying its wear and other
characterization properties. Ti-TiB composites was
prepared by blending Titanium & Titanium-di-Boride
powder and processing through hot isostatic pressing,
vacuum sintering and spark plasma sintering. The growth
and formation of whiskers is further studied using SEM
analysis and the orientation of crystals is studied using

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 01:41