Cellular Geolocation

Locating The Mobile user has become one of the growing demands of the mobile industry. In USA a law has been passed known as E-911(Enhanced 911) which states that the network provider should provide the location information of the mobile user to the operator of emergency call 911 if he gets a call. Besides there are other advantages to the user like he can know and demand services that are available at his current location by using cellular geo-location technique. Various technologies has been developed in this field. Some of the methods are those based on Signal Strength, Angle Of Arrival Of the signal, Time Of Arrival and Assisted GPS.The choice of any method depends on the level of accuracy needed and cost of implementation and use. The seminar includes an overview of the different location methods their advantages and disadvantages, and the error possibilities associated with them.

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Thu, 23/12/2010 - 21:43