Cell Phone Safety

As you know, Cell phone is a radiating device emanating high power electromagnetic radiation into the atmosphere. It requires very strong radiating power in the Giga hertz range to make continuous link with the far located towers. Knowingly or unknowingly, most people keep cell phones always close to their body even during sleep. Even though the cell phone is inseparable from the modern living, we can reduce the harmful effects by following some safety measures.
  1. Keep away the Cell phone from Kids. Children below 10 years are more susceptible to cell phone radiation. The cranial bones are not thick in children, so chance of penetration of radiation in to the brain in higher than in adults.
  2. Don’t keep or use the Cell phone near the New born baby.
  3. Always make short duration calls using Cell phone. Switch on the cell phone only for making the call and switch off after the use. If you are a busy person waiting for many calls, keep the cell phone on the table or use a Bluetooth device.
  4. Always use Land phone or wired phones for longer conversations.
  5. Don’t always keep the Cell phone close to the body. Use a Pouch or Bag to keep the cell phone.
  6. After making a dial, wait for few seconds till the remote person attend the phone. During dialing and ringing, level of radiation is high. During conversation, move the phone away from the ear occasionally to spread the radiation.
  7. If possible, use the Cell phone in Speaker mode.
  8. Try Text messaging instead of Call making. Keep away the Cell phone after sending the Message.
  9. Avoid the effects of Passive Radiation by moving away from people using the Cell phone.
  10. Avoid using the Cell phone in moving vehicles like Car, Train, and Buses etc since the Cell phone emits double amount of radiation to keep link with the strongest tower.
  11. Activate the Miscall alert, Voice mail service etc so that, these can be checked occasionally. Answer all and switch off immediately.
  12. Don’t keep the Cell phone in the bed during sleep. It will significantly affect the sleep cycle.
  13. Don’t use Cell phone during or just after charging. Radiation level is very high if the battery is full or charging.
  14. Before making the call, check the range indicator in the Cell phone. If it is poor, wait until it reaches full range. Radiation is very high in low range condition since the cell phone is trying the make link with a tower having strong signals.
  15. If you want to keep the Cell phone in pocket, keeps the key pad side facing the chest.
  16. Don’t use the Cell phone in tightly closed rooms especially those containing metal walls, since the radiation will reflect back and hit the body.
  17. Don’t keep the Cell phone near or on the Electronic Medical equipments or other sensitive devices, since the radiation may make then Erratic.
  18. Don’t use Cell phone in Petrol outlets or near LPG cylinder. The Static electricity in the atmosphere may explode by the Cell phone radiation and cause fire.
  19. Smartphone emits large quantity of radiation since it is performing multifunction like a computer. Don’t keep it close to the body for long time.
  20. Like Cell phones, Laptops also generates very high radiations. So don’t keep it in your Lap.
Always keep a Safety distance from Electronic devices that emitting radiations. As a rule, the safety distance is 3 feet for computer and 6 feet for TV.

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