Video surveillance has been a popular security tool for years. And thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security cameras are more effective than ever before. Banks, retail stores, and countless other end-users depend on the protection provided by video surveillance. While analog CCTV systems were once the norm, they can be expensive, requiring complicated installations and constant upkeep. Fortunately, advances in digital technology have made video surveillance systems far more cost-effective, flexible, and simple to operate. Security systems using IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are easy to install and maintain, and can be customized and scaled to perfectly match your specific needs.

IP-based video surveillance is widely predicted to be the way of the future, and network cameras are now readily available – in packages, bundled together with software and support, or on their own. With most IP camera systems, all you need to do is choose where you want the cameras, and plug them in – it's that easy! The most difficult part of setting up a video surveillance system is finding the right cameras for your specific application. IP cameras come in so many varieties that choosing the right models may seem daunting. What makes one camera different from another? What kind of cameras work best for retail stores? For homes? Hospitals? How do you figure out exactly what you need?

The team is here to help. Our goal is to provide you with clear information about IP-based video surveillance. We have years of security and surveillance experience and are ready to put it to work for you. Check out our industry-specific pages to see what kind of video surveillance your company or group needs. We're dedicated to not only helping you find the best security solution, but also helping you learn more about IP surveillance technology. Our blog covers some of the most interesting and innovative developments in the surveillance world, along with news and information about surveillance and its constant interaction with society.

And when you're ready to start shopping for IP cameras and video surveillance equipment, you can visit our online store. There, you'll find a comprehensive selection of network cameras, complete systems, video management software solutions, and more from the industry's leading manufacturers. We have everything you need to set up a professional video surveillance system, and we're happy to help you in your search for the ideal video security solution.

There's a lot of information out there about video surveillance – some good, some bad, some misleading. is your source for learning about this dynamic and constantly developing technology.

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