Bug Tracking System

The project entitles Bug Tracking Tool, Evaluating a bug tracking system requires that you understand how specific features, such as configurable workflow and customizable fields, relate to your requirements and your current bug tracking process. Using our bug tracking software will enable you to manage your project's bug (s) and defect (s) more efficiently. This will result in better response time to your users and avoid task redundancy. Our software will help your development and testing team by increasing their control over system development. Imagine having all of your data in the same place, being able to access it from anywhere in the world. You will know at a glance how many issues are in your account, how many are in progress, how many are closed. You will have a better overview of your project's development status. Furthermore, our tool has been designed with simplicity and speed in mind and you always get Unlimited Users and Unlimited Projects. We pride ourselves in providing fast and courteous support to all of our customers, your questions or comments will be responded to quickly, usually within minutes. 

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