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The project is a developed based on the standards of the coding used by the developer is tested before giving to the client. System that interacts with the code developed by the user. Using this project any developer with minimal knowledge can easily check correctness of the code easily without any errors.

Though the proposed system doesn’t answer all the above mentioned drawbacks, it certainly answers many. The suggested solution will tackle all the major issues related to transmitting, tracking, updating the statuses with minimal overheads.

The proposed solution contains a simple intranet or internet based website, which will be accessible to all the programmers participating in the development project. All these personnel will have to authenticate themselves to report any kind of problem aroused in developing the specified project. These problems will be carried to the concerned developer for solution. It also makes the administrator to administer these issues or bugs centrally to ensure these issues or bugs are answered in time by the concerned programmers.

The Bug Issue Management intranet / internet application also keeps the track of all the issues either addressed, or to be addressed. One can search through the archives for related issue details, but at the same time proper security is incorporated into the software enabling only the related developers can go to in depth details. And only these people can respond to those unanswered issues or bugs.

The centrally managed database makes the administration easy. It provides summarized information about the issues, bugs, and problems. It also provides standard bookmarks to find out related bug issues that logged developer. Bug Issue Management application also incorporates rigorous search engine to find out any kind of bug issue for its details.

Finally, it is planned in such a way that administration of the Bug Issue Management Application itself is in very easy and intuitive way giving the administrators an easy walk over it.

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