Brain signal extraction and their use in real time applications is what we are focusing on, in this paper. This paper sets in motion the pure experimental and practical applications of this amazing technology. This paper also focuses on how this technology can be progressively applied to remove shortcomings of various other available technologies that are used for similar applications.

                  Electroencephalography is the method by which electrical signals are extracted from various regions of the brain. We have shown the advantage of this technology in real time applications with the development of BCW-The Brain Controlled Wheel chair, a device for persons with total neural failure and other degenerative neural disorders. Also a scaled down working model has been created for this technology.

                   Later on in this paper we have shown the unbound   applications of this technology in futuristic applications like brain controlled war fares and virtual reality.


Keywords: BCW, CCU, Electroencephalography, quadriplegic, data interpretation

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