Blooming Green management in the near Future

On a Global level, we extract resources, manufacture products and deliver services in a way that is threatening our unique environment and our personal health.

The key challenges which we face today in our modern world are: Ozone Layer Depletion, Global Warming, Deforestation, Increasing Pressure from Ethical Consumers, Population Growth and the resource Limits and other threats which still exist.

Green isn’t just about environment. It also represents a way of seeing our businesses, and the challenges it face, through a new lens - a lens that can bring both risks and opportunities into focus.

The promise plays out at the micro scale – the individual enterprise – in direct opportunities to put money in the pockets of owners, share holders, and the employees by cutting wasteful spending on excessive resource

use. And it also plays out at the macro scale – national, regional, and municipal economies –

with impacts on job, economic development, balance of payments, and the quality of life. And it may be it’s the engine to power us out current financial crises by investing in a new energy economy and clean new infrastructure. Being green is a way to find certainty in today’s shifting world and to deal with market pressures driving businesses to be greener.

For example, Wal Mart has declared that its suppliers must use sustainable packaging to keep access to the retail giant’s shelves. As information’s becomes more transparent to consumers, investors and regulators, there are new expectations for businesses to be green and to be able to prove it.

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Tue, 12/04/2011 - 14:48