Bio-Diesel the word itself defines almost all the features of the Bio-Diesel literary. In the Era of this Global warming where the people are making their living more and more comfortable and they are deteriorating the environment also. The uses of the automobiles with the conventional source of fuel leads to the production of the toxic gaseous substances like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, oxide of sulphur, hydro-carbons etc. The limitation comes with the rise in the price of the fuel as well as the produce of the green house gases as the exhaust gas. In the present study, a new method has been employed to produce Bio-Diesel. The production of the Bio-Diesel is done by using Bio-Diesel processor. It requires the used vegetable oil, methanol and the lye with the accurate proportionate. The objective of this paper is modeling and construction of Bio-Diesel processor and produces the Bio-Diesel by using the Bio-Diesel processor.

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Tue, 19/04/2011 - 21:10