Automation using internet (controlling equipments )

Using sms one can send command over a distance. In this project we connect a handset to a computer by using data cable. Inside the home we can connect home equipments to computers by a specially designed circuit.

Most commonly we prefer computers parallel port for interfacing as one can easily monitor equipments using it.

We are developing the application for the computer which is inside the home and to which phone and interfacing kit is connected. Here we have to decide operational commands for operating home equipments that is making it on or off.

We send sms from external mobile to the mobi8le which is connected to the computer. The sms contains the operational commands.

The mobile which is connected to the computer receives the sms and it is provided to the port and from port program reads it.

On the basis of the operational command the program sets to the port to a particular state to operate the desired instrument.

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