Automation of Marketing Operations (AMO)

PROJECT REPORTS ready for Submission ::
Title: Automation of Marketing Operations
For: Final Yr. MCA/B.Tech./B.E.(Computer Science)
Technology used: Visual Basic & Oracle
CD will contains: 1. Software Program, 2. Synopsis, 3. Full Project Report
LIST OF CONTENTS of the ready PROJECT REPORT are as follows :-
 Title of the Project
 Introduction
 Objective
 Tools and Platform (VB, Oracle)
 System Analysis
 Identification of Need
 Preliminary Investigation
 Feasibility Study
 Technical Feasibility
 Operational Feasibility
 Economic Feasibility
 Software Engineering Paradigm applied
 Software and Hardware Requirements Specification
 System Design
 Data Structure (Database Tables with constraints)
 Data Flow Diagram (DFDs)
 E-R Diagram
 Program Structure (Modules, Process Logic)
 Input / Output Forms (Screenshots)
 Coding (Source Code)
 Code Efficiency
 Optimisation of code
 Validation checks
 Implementation and Maintenance
 Testing
 System Security
 Cost Estimation of the Project
 Reports Generated (Screenshots)
 Pert Chart, Gantt Chart
 Future scope and further enhancements
 Bibliography

In this system the various operations of sales and distribution system of a company are computerized. Project will address the various management aspects related to Order processing (Billing), stock management (Inventory), credit records, sales performance monitoring, payment accounting (Finances) etc.

:: Enrolment Module. ::
o Product Enrolment
o Agent Enrolment
o Company Enrolment
o Area Enrolment
o Distributor Enrolment

:: Order Processing Module. ::
o Purchase order placing
o Sales order receiving.
o Order Delivery.

:: Agent’s Contribution. ::
This module mainly deals with following task.
• Primary sales and secondary sales.
• Supper distributor wise, month wise sales.
• Product wise, month wise sales.
 Payments Module. The payments received from the Channel Agents against supply of ordered products by the company.

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