Automation has been one of the key drives of the modern manufacturing industry and it has been present in various forms from the beginning of the industrial era until today passing through different evaluation of human needs. Manual assembly involves man power to assemble the parts. In manual assembly the lead time is high, production rate is low and the accuracy is also less. So, to overcome this, automation assembly is preferred. At present, Roots horn manufacturing industries are using manual assembly in the horn diaphragm assembly unit.Due to this process the lead time is increasing in assembly units.To reduce the lead time it is need to design the automation assembly line in diaphragm assembly unit. Today’s assembly systems have to be flexible to adapt quickly to an increasing number and variety of products and changing demand volume. Assembly line is flow oriented production system where the productive units performing the operations referred to as station are aligned to serial manner. Automation of an assembly operation in diaphragm assembly of an electric horn is described in this project. The Operation of the diaphragm assembly is automated using pick and place robot system. During the process of diaphragm assembly, it is necessary for the diaphragm assembly parts to be clamped in the fixture.  The design of pneumatic system and component feeders in the diaphragm assembly is also an important part in the system. To design an automatic assembly system of the diaphragm assembly operation armature rod is considered as a master component for mating. The project investigates the basic principles of a multiple part mating task with special regard to the diaphragm assembly of an electric horn and a rotary table which is used as a conveyor system. The total automated assembly system is analyzed by the use of PLC .finally the designed automation of diaphragm assembly unit improve the production rate and reduce the lead time of assembly unit.

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