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This project is a failsafe prototype of the Automatic Railway Crossing System. The sensors detect the presence of the train near rail crossing and barrier shuts down when train is approaching to the railway crossing. Once train crosses the rail crossing barriers opens by itself. Automatic railway crossing control will provide better safety; reduce manual assistance and number of accidents.

Indian railway network is the one of the biggest rail network in the Asia. It is not possible to supervise all the rail crossings. There are number of unsupervised rail crossings, mostly in rural and remote areas. There is huge risk for the accidents at such sites. The main objective of the project is to make Automatic Railway Crossing System. The presence of the train on the track is detected by the sensors. If train is approaching near the rail crossing the barriers shuts down and once it moves away barriers opens by it self. Train also checks the signal, if signal is green then and then it proceeds. In case when signal is red train stops before the signal. In the control room, it also displays the progress of the train and station name.

Design Approach for Automatic Railway Crossing
On the both sides of the railway crossing at a fixed distance sensors (Reed Switches) are placed. As the train passes over the sensor, it gives input to the microcontroller with the help of the H bridge circuit which drives the motor which opens and closes the barrier at the railway crossing. There is a buzzer which produces buzzing sound as the train approaches near the railway crossing. Thus it gives notification to the commuters approaching to the railway barrier.


More Info : http://www.techpedia.in/project_details.php?page=5

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