Automated Water tank

Purpose of this project is to control our domestic water pump set with the help of a digital logic circuit. It automatically fill our water tank and we doesn’t bother about to turn ON and OFF the pump set.
The circuit is build around a simple flip-flop, which automatically set and reset with respect to the water level present in the water tank. Two probes are dipped in the tank (one is on the top side and other is at bottom) to check the presence of water and these probes are the input to the digital logic circuit.
It also contains some protection mechanism in order to protect the motor from ‘Dry-run conditions’. For this purpose we are dipping a probe in the water source (Well, Ponds, etc.) and the circuit detect the availability of water in the source, when there is no water in the source, the whole system will be shut down otherwise the motor may burn.
Another facility of this system is that it can identify the purity of water. If the content of mud in the tank increases, circuit not only indicates it but also turn OFF the motor.
Also to know the amount of water in the tank, we are using a ‘Numeric Water Level Display Circuit’ which indicates the amount of water numerically.

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