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Assembly Line Balancing Problems (ALBP) arises whenever an assembly line is configured, redesigned or adjusted. An ALBP consists of distributing the total workload for manufacturing products among the work stations along the line. Assembly lines are classified in many natures, however little attention has been paid to solving the industrial Two-Sided Assembly Line Balancing (TALB) problems. TALB problems usually occur in plants which are producing large-sized and high-volume products, such as buses, trucks, and domestic products. The proposed problem is taken from an automotive industry. The assemblies of vehicles are made by the workstations placed along a line. The goal is to assign the assembly operations to the workstations in order to meet the performance criteria, such as reduction in cycle time for given number of workstations and to increase the line efficiency. Many algorithms and heuristics have been developed to balance the well known classical one-sided assembly lines. However, little attention has been paid to solve the industrial two-sided ALB problems. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is proposed to solve the TALB problem and it is coded by using MATLAB.

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