This paper unfolds some of the critical issues faced in the field of Industrial Engineering.
Essentially, productivity is a ratio to measure how well an organization (or individual,
industry, country) converts input resources (labor, materials, machines etc.) into goods
and services. Higher productivity brings about reduction in the cost of production; it
enables the industry to offer goods to the general public at reduced process and results in
the expansion of the market. Higher productivity is the key to national prosperity.

Higher productivity is of vital importance for the speedy industrialization and economic
development of the under developed countries. The improvement in productivity brings
benefits to the company and the society in the form of increased efficiency and reduction
in labor cost per unit of output, Better inventory control, Increase in wages and salaries,
Increase in the reserve fund that can be utilized for expansion and modernization. This
paper deals with improving the performance of the assembly line and thus maximizing the
productivity of M/s. X Company by reducing cycle time of each operation, WIP inventory,
improve space utilization.


The methodology adopted to assess the present situation was by employing techniques like Simulation Modeling, Time Study, Auto CAD, Charting techniques, Work Sampling, Kaizen and Layout efficiency indices. Analysis of the existing data was carried out in two different phases considering the company constraints and criteria’s. After implementing some of the lean techniques it was observed that there was reduction of wastes in terms of re-work and scrap, WIP inventory and bottlenecks.

The layout efficiency indices were re-calculated, thus improving layout utilization. Thus,
by the implementation it was possible to improve the productivity of the Assembly line.
The implementation has been executed involving two phases resulting in Cycle time
reduction, layout utilization, decreased WIP inventory. The results of the study after
comparing the existing system and proposed system yielded significant outcomes It resulted in
an increased output from 65.62% to 77.82%.Thus, increasing the productivity by 12.2%.
Thereby, meeting the custome r demand successfully.

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