The casting is the most important process in manufacturing and sand casting is the convenient process in foundry. Gating system design in casting process is one of the crucial factors to produce good quality of casting products. This project is aimed to determine the effects of gating system on mechanical strength of steel casting. The liquid metal be can be poured into the sand mould and any size can be cast. The solidification of materials depends on the cooling rate of the materials which is governed by heat flow in the mould and alloy composition. A solidification rate also affects the structure and properties of materials. The heat flow of cold set resin bonded sand mould is simulated using Finite element method analysis software. The Finite element method software also facilities collaboration between foundry and original equipment manufacturing engineers to improve the casting defects for ease of manufacture, leading to significant reduction in defects, costs and lead time.

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Tue, 19/04/2011 - 21:22