Alternate Fuel

mainly aims at producing an
effective replacement for gasoline in S.I.engines and
also ensures reduction in green house emission with
better efficiency of the engine. We have tested a blend
of 85% ethanol and 15%petrol (E85) as an alternate
fuel. E85 has low calorific value and high density than
petrol. To compensate this we made minor alterations
in engines l.fuel pre heater- to provide complete
combustion and to avoid the ignition delay- leading to
higher efficiency 2.increased carburetor jet flow, finer
particles of fuel is injected at a high pressure ensuring
complete combustion, reducing knocks on the piston
finally making the engine to run with high
performance and long life. By doing such
specifications in 4-stroke multicylinder S.I.engine
observations were made by us. Based on flC study,
performance proves to be higher and ensuring lesser
green house emissions. We conclude that E85 is a
perfect alternate fuel to meet the demands of the
present day world.

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 01:47