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Alternate Energy Resource

The need to tap every possible resource
and hunt for energy is basic need of today’s
world. Ocean and seas shining in blue is a gallery
of tremendous potential. Peninsular India with
three sides of blue boundaries is facing a bright
future in this area. Technological advancement is
being updated everyday in the field of wave
energy and ocean thermal energy
conversion.Oscillating wave column (OWC)
proves to be a right choice for tapping energy
offshore. The energy due to oscillations of waves
and ebbing and falling of tides are effectively
taped in OWC.Ocean thermal energy conversion
(OTEC) on the other hand uses solar energy
trapped by the water. In addition to power
generation it also supplement to industrial
cooling, air-conditioning, aquaculture and cold
water agriculture.This paper gives a
technological overview of these two techniques
and it’s compatibility with India. The new
strategy to be proposed hereafter uses a surface
plate to eliminate the danger of OWC being
affected by strong waves produced and thereby
using that extra power for generation of

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