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The main goal of this project is to extracting, classifying, understanding and accessing the opinions expressed in various online news sources. Here opinion mining refers to computational techniques for analyzing the opinions that are extracted from various sources. Current opinion research focuses on business and e-commerce such as product reviews and movie ratings.
We developed a framework for analysis with four major stages such as stakeholder analysis, topical analysis, sentiment analysis and stock modeling. During the stakeholder analysis stage, we identified the stakeholder groups participating in web forum discussions. In the topical analysis stage, the major topics of discussion driving communication in the Web forum are determined. The sentiment analysis stage consists of assessing the opinions expressed by the Web forum participants in their discussions. Finally, in the stock modeling stage, we examine the relationships between various attributes of web forum discussions and the firm’s stock behavior.
Opinion target, opinion holder and opinion are the definitions used to extracting opinions from different online sources. An opinion can be expressed in two types. 1. Direct opinion, 2.Comparative opinion. All the opinions are stored in a document. Following are the steps to extracting the opinions.
• Identify the objects.
• Feature extraction and synonym grouping.
• Opinion orientation determination.
• Integration.

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