The Main objective of the project is to provide centralized security of different locations via wireless network. Various sensors are connected to the microcontroller. The monitoring station will access the data from different sensors from different locations within the city. For this we need to design and build micro-controlled based detection and controlling system. For this purpose we need a wireless transmission and reception system. If anyone sensor is activated micro-controller will collect this information about type of the sensor and location of the sensor then encode this information by using wireless transmission system transmit the data to the monitoring system. In the monitoring system data will decode and gives to the microcontroller. Then micro-controller display this information about type of the sensor and location of the sensor on the LCD display.
In this project we are concentrating on displaying area & address. We are using radio frequencies to transfer data from one transmitter to receiver. With this kit we are providing LPG gas sensor & fire sensor. When any of sensors is activated then its dedicated code is transmitted & at receiver side for each code a specific address is stored. After receiving code address for that code & sensor name is displayed On LCD & in map, portion of map allocated to that code is flash ON & OFF.

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