Earlier the textile materials are used only for the clothing & household purposes, but now the

textiles  are  used  in  mysial  fields  and  act  as  functional  materials.  This  is  achieved  by

exhausting  the  characteristics  of  the  textile  materials.  Nowadays  the  advancement  of  textile

characterization  are  used  in  different  fields.  For  example  nanotechnology,  geo  technology,

3D textiles, etc.

This  recent  advancement  in  textile  engineering,  the  use  of  textile  in  various  fields  are

growing.  In  nanotechnology  and  nano  fibres  in  textiles  is  a  valuable  reference  in  assessing

and using a new generation of textile fibres in applications as diverse as tissue and aerospace


Technical textile products are high tenacity  yarns, or special elastic or coated fabrics, all of

which have high technology  content. As far as industrial applications are concerned, textile

based  articles  can  offer  considerable  performance  advantages  compared  to  other  materials.

Using  geotextiles    we  can  improve  soil  strength  and  avoid  soil  erosion.  This  reflects  the

importance of   application of textiles in every field.

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