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adding meaning and value to our graduation

our country is based on agriculture.but government is making it worse through insufficient current.y can't we invent moisture sensors and water level buzzers(for rice crop),to warn farmers about moisture content.if we connect motor to automatic system and then to this sensing system it is enough.only problem with automatic system in india especially in andhra s water will not reach all the field area if farmer is not dere.so he should b dere to monitor the water flow.if we want better result in dis project the layout of field for d crops(sugarcane,ground nut,green gram etc., crops)should be changed.so let us think on dis new project and help our farmers in order to avoid deaths.deaths bcoz,especially in andhra current will b given during n8 times,so farmer has to go to field during dat time.major deaths r due to snake bite,wires cut offf from main supply and shocking etc.,and major deaths are due to loss of confidence in farmers dat he s not able to lead his family through dis agricukture and ther by attempting suicide.just think once a poor family leading their life through 1acre land,if losses the head how will b dat situation................add some useful meaning to ur graduation,i hope u will.bye.hare krishna.....

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