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An adaptive audio watermarking based on the singular value decomposition in the wavelet domain

a secure, robust, and blind adaptive audio watermarking algorithm based on singular value decomposition (SVD) in the discrete wavelet transform domain using synchronization code. In our algorithm, a watermark is embedded by applying a quantization-index-modulation process on the singular values in the SVD of the wavelet domain blocks. The watermarked signal is perceptually similar to the original audio signal and gives high quality output. Experimental results show that the hidden watermark data is robust to additive noise, resampling, low-pass filtering, requantization, MP3 compression, cropping, echo addition, and denoising. Performance analysis of the proposed scheme shows low error probability rates. The data embedding rate of the proposed scheme is 45.9 bps. The proposed scheme has high payload and superior performance against MP3 compression compared to the earlier audio watermarking schemes.

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