Adapting Safety for Reducing Damages Due To Accidents.

Safety is the key to each industry and is very important to deal it with wisdom to avoid
untoward incidents causing damages and loss of resources. The causes may not be
serious but the effects could be severe putting lives of workers at stake. The resultant
losses are beyond quantifiable. Safety should bear in the mind of every individual at
work in general and with more accountability by the line manager specifically, who is
responsible for maneuvering the operation and resources for its effective utilization.
The role of the line manger is crucial to protect the workers against any adversity and
the loss of production. The goal is not only to protect human and other resources but to
safeguard the interest of the organization by observing financial implications also. On
the shop floor, safety is paramount. The line manager has to monitor and anticipate the
failures and identify the factors which affect safety most. Some of the prominent factors
are human, technological, economic, industrial laws and regulations.
A approach is made to make a critical study on the part of the line manager in terms of
their competence (knowledge & skill), behavioral attitude, discipline at works, work
ethics failure anticipation etc..
A detailed strategy shall be formulated to harness cordial relationship on shop floor,
educating the employer and employee for safety.

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