Addresses the application of Lean Manufacturing concepts to the continuous   production/ process sector with a focus on the Bearing Industry. This paper describes the method of Improving the Productivity in the firm. A significant procedure is made for applying Lean Manufacturing Techniques. In this work the current state of product is mapped first using Value stream mapping method and wastes are identified in it. After the implementation of Lean techniques such as Value Stream Mapping, Pull Manufacturing, Kaizen, Balancing Talk Time and Quality control tools, the wastes are eliminated in the future state mapping. The systematic and comprehensive Implementation of Lean Manufacturing techniques typically results in substantial reduction in Lead Time, Cycle Time and Improve in Quality. These factors lead to an Increase in market share and revenues. The output that comes with an Adaptation to lean manufacturing is the time line between the customer order and shipment of final product is reduced by consistent elimination of all the Wastes. Eliminating this waste is the greatest potential source of improvement in corporate performance and customer service. Few products or services are provided by one organization alone, so that waste removal has to be pursued throughout the whole value stream. New relationships are required to eliminate inter-firm waste and to manage effectively the value stream as a whole, instead of managing the work load through successive departments; processes are reorganized so that the product or design flows through all the value adding steps without interruption, to successively remove the obstacles to flow.

As a result of this adaptation of lean manufacturing tools and techniques very impressive gains in production are achieved. By this way the Manufacturer can create a sustained long term commitment with the customer.

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