In recent years, using piezoelectric smart structures, the active vibration control has great potential in engineering applications. Active control methods can be used to eliminate undesired vibrations in smart structures. In our work, numerical study on active vibration control of smart structures has been done. The main motivation of this work is to develop general design and analysis scheme by incorporating the control law directly into the FE programs. An integrated analysis procedure has been developed for the control of structures. The closed loop control laws are incorporated into the finite element (FE) models by using ANSYS parametric design language (APDL). The active control of free and forced vibrations of piezoelectric smart beams in different configurations is analyzed with this procedure. The control gains and piezoelectric actuation voltages which provide vibration control are determined by the numerical simulations. The active vibration suppression is achieved using strain feedback and displacement feedback. It is observed that analytical and ANSYS solutions are in very good agreement. The comparison results, of the controlled responses obtained by the two methods, show that analytical and ANSYS solution can be used successfully in active control.

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Tue, 19/04/2011 - 21:12