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Accident Prevention

This paper provides a new
innovative idea on automatic actuation for
accident prevention in roads. This is an idea
which has all the streams in harmony, in
particular the streams like mechanical,
electrical, electronics, information technology.
It is a concept which is different when
compared to all the other previous techniques
which has been brought into reality. This
provides a insight of how the actuators,
different sensors, processors, /controllers
work and aid in the above purpose. The basic
idea behind this new innovative concept is
“If the driver of the vehicle sleeps, it is
detected with the help of a camera . Then
these data are sent to the processor, processed
and the signals are further sent to the
actuator (i.e. steering unit) control. If
necessary even the blue tooth technology
which has been implemented in this concept
also comes into assistance and aids in the
prevention of accident”.

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