Accessing Customer Queries

The main objective of this paper is to have
a best association between customer and organisation.
This project is proposed in order to discover
knowledge from huge amount of data and to use the
data efficiently because of great demand. Banking is
the most commonly used application for financial
section. In which, Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) model is most widely used in order to cost
control, accounting and e-business & analyses. The
order of the customers are routing automatically to
the next department when one department finishes
their work of the customer’s order and each
department have access to the single database that
holds the customers new order. Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) model is
responsible for receiving the request and responses to
the customers quickly and directly. The request
includes queries, complaints, suggestions, and orders.
These requests are forwarded to inner view ERP
through query generator. In this paper, we proposed
a model that integrates the customer queries,
transactions, databases and all other specifications
used in ERP Systems, then use data mining
techniques to integrate decision making and
forecasting. Using ERP characteristics, data gathered
from central database are in cluster format which is
based on action taken against the queries generated
by customers. Later the clustered data’s are used by
Apriori algorithm to extract new rules and patterns
for the enhancement of an organisation.

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