0% fuel car



                                   Nowadays fuel efficiency and emission are the major problems whenever we start discussion about the automobiles. There are many innovative ideas to overcome these major problems and the one among them is our 0%FUEL CAR.Since there was idea of air car to overcome these major problems it was not effective because the three main things to be considered while selecting a car are SPEED, SAFTY, and COST. The customer cannot be satisfied with the maximum speed limit provided by the air car which is just 40-50 km/hr. so that the customers are in need of air car with high speed limit in order to satisfy the customers need we introduce this concept of placing specially designed air turbines in the air car and the car consists of air tank, air compressor, air engine, battery, air turbines with generator, and a electrical machine. This car has two modes of driving they are low speed mode and high speed mode.

                                  To drive inside the city with high traffic there will be a low speed mode in this mode the power output from the turbines are minimum and it runs like a ordinary air car with 40-50km/hr speed. In this mode air engine will provide the maximum mechanical power to the gear system and the electrical machine will act as a generator and the power produced is used to recharge the battery.

                                   The high speed mode is suitable for highways in this mode both the electrical machine and air engine will provide the mechanical power to the gear system because of the high speed the air turbine will produce the maximum power and is used to operate the air compressor. 

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Sun, 29/05/2011 - 22:23