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 In the fast paced life, Toll Tax System on the highways are supervised and operated by human assistance. On most of the Toll Tax Center, you will find queues. It is time consuming and also requires human assistance. The main objective of this project is to make Automatic Toll Tax System which reduces the manual assistance, deliver secure and time efficient solution for the busy roads. Automatic Toll Tax System maintains the data base of the vehicles. By entering the data of lost/Stolen vehicles, these vehicles can be tracked through the system. Automatic Toll Tax System does not allow unregistered or lost vehicles.

Design Approach for Automatic Toll Tax System

 The presence of the car is detected with the help of the Infrared sensor. All the car have to do is  registration for the Automatic Toll Tax System. Registered car has got RF Transmitter module (ASK Modulated which works on 433 MHz). The barrier of Toll Tax System has got the RF Receiver. RF Transmitter transmits its identity. This identity is compared with the database of the Automatic Toll Tax System. If the identity matches with the data base, then vehicle is allowed to pass through the barrier and necessary toll tax amount (depending on the category of the vehicle) is deducted from the amount of the vehicle. If database do not contain the vehicle data, then vehicle can be registered. Database also check for the lost Vehicles information, if the vehicle is found to be lost/stolen it is not allowed to pass through the Toll Tax barrier. Automatic Toll Tax System allows recharge of the account, if the balance is lower than some threshold; driver is notified for the recharge of the account. The balance amount is also displayed on the LCD Display. The whole idea is to make secure, automatic, failsafe Automatic Toll Tax System.


More Info : http://www.techpedia.in/project_details.php?page=4

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