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Are you a student looking for ideas on computer networking term projects? An instructor looking for suggestions to offer their class? School projects in networking may involve areas like
  • design - determining optimal configurations and tuning for different types of networks
  • performance - measuring network speed under varying conditions
  • security - assessing the effectiveness of techniques to protect networks from attack

Some projects seem like good ideas at the time but turn out later to be a disaster. Share your suggestions for any student projects you recommend avoiding as well as those you think are worthwhile. Share Your Ideas

Expanding a network

I'm looking for some basic ideas on how to expand your network with high quality. I am an undergraduate. -Nitisha
—Guestelilta tewelde

Network alerts project

I have been given a project to trigger an email whenever a problem arises in a network. I have no idea where to start and how to proceed, however.

Linux software

I would be interested to see project ideas for developing new software on Linux.

Some project ideas (networks + security)

Can try the following on networking and security. 1. Deploy and configure a webserver and it's dependency on DNS server 2. Usage of packet injector tools 3. Design and develop a port scanner 4. Attacking a WLAN network with minimal and no security 5. Design and develop a UDP bomb software. 6. Study on Issues and mitigations of the ARP protocol 7. NAT issues with IPSec.

How about tracking devices?

I would be interested in tracking devices... how are they installed and are there any limitations on them.

Some basic topic areas

You can look into LAN/MAN/WAN, network interface cards, microwave towers... .

Look into intelligent networks

Hi... I've been working and studying computer networks for several years. If my ideas concerned, I have to mention that apart from those categories like Network design, Network security and Network Performance there are also other activities involved like Intelligent Networks which are of utmost importance these days, a combination of artificial intelligence and network engineering or working on the field of producing soft wares to manage networks which needs an in-depth knowledge of software engineering and network engineering. Also there is one another and is working on the subject of network internet-working which means go inside the architecture of OSI/RM or TCP/IP layers and even to produce a new concept.
—GuestMorteza Moghaddassian

Network topology

I'm interested in presentations on network topologies.

Avoid design overkill

Also make sure that your network design isn't overkill, because it may affect how much you are going to pay just for the equipment setup itself.

Please suggest more ideas

Hi.... could you kindly suugest some more networking projects or give information about such projects that have already been done? I am an undergraduate and have been looking for ideas.

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