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Future of Nanotechnology

The future of nanotechnology is completely uncharted territory. It is almost impossible to predict everything that nanoscience will bring to the world considering that this is such a young science.

There is the possibility that the future of nanotechnology is very bright, that this will be the one science of the future that no other science can live without. There is also a chance that this is the science that will make the world highly uncomfortable with the potential power to transform the world.

Even positive changes can make world leaders and citizens alike very nervous. One of the top concerns regarding the future of nanoscience includes molecular manufacturing, which would be the ability to bring materials to life from the simple molecular reconstruction of everyday objects.

This technology could end world hunger. At the same time, this process could lead to experimental molecular manufacturing with live beings.

The future of nanotechnology could improve the outlook for medical patients with serious illnesses or injuries. Physicians could theoretically study nano surgery and be able to attack illness and injury at the molecular level. This, of course, could eradicate cancer as the surgical procedures would be done on the cellular base.

Cancer cells would be identified, removed, and the surgical implantation of healthy cells would soon follow. Moreover, there would be an entire nano surgical field to help cure everything from natural aging to diabetes to bone spurs. There would be almost nothing that couldn’t be repaired (eventually) with the introduction of nano surgery.

While this sounds like a promising future, the natural process of life and death would be completely interrupted. Without death, the world would become overpopulated and leave no place for the ecosystems that we rely on for our survival. We could potentially end up in a world that requires the personally controlled delivery of oxygen through tanks and masks.

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