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Project Owner : N.SUBATHRA
Created Date : Fri, 24/02/2012 - 18:40
Project Description :



Functionally similar Web services are grouped as a community to facilitate and speed up the process of Web services discovery. This paper presents a solution to keep the Web Service Community highly-available to the user or application.  The term highly-available refers that the Web Service Community can continue providing services even when master Web service (i.e., coordinator) fails operationally. Our solution customizes a distributed election algorithm called Fast Bully Algorithm to identify a temporary master Web service when there is any operational failure in existing master Web service of Community. The identified temporary master Web service handles the service provision and management responsibilities of Web service community. Permanent master Web service takes back the mastering responsibilities from temporary master Web service when it resumes. For this, we introduce some additional functions to the existing architectures of master and slave Web services to run the customized Fast Bully Algorithm. Finally, a Weather Community is developed as a prototype example to illustrate our ideas practically.

                                              The aim of the project is to protect the applied application from the unauthorized users. This system is implemented in credit card based application. The application is fully work through credit card processes. This application provides the new credit cards to the users regarding their business and income strategy. The user can apply for credit card through this system. This system verifies the user entry and found it to be correct issues a credit card and secret pin no. Using this card the user can able to pay the transactions made by the user through on line by using this card. The bank will pay the user bill to the appropriate concern. The user must refund the payment to the bank with in the month or 30 days from the paid date.

 Keywords :




Web service.
  • Server Activation
  • Slave Activation
  • Election
  • Nomination
  • Selection of coordinator
  • Activation of Temporary Master
  • Client Services

Server Activation:

            Functionally similar Web services are grouped as a community to facilitate and speed up the process of Web services discovery. Here the role of server activation is to enabling Master Web services connection. The Master Web service having ‘N’ number of slave (temporary) connections. If any one server requires data from another server, the master web service will be enabling.

Slave Activation:

Suppose if master web service server getting failed then that time temporary or slave services will be enabled. Here ‘N’ numbers of slave services are running and ready to bind the data from the servers.


            If anyone server want to data from another server that time master web service ping the requested server connection. If the master web service getting success result means data retrieved through master web service. Otherwise, it conducts election itself.


When master web service getting Failed message from respond server immediately master web service started nomination like ready to transfer the requested information to slave through web service.  

 Selection of coordinator

            Selection of coordinator role is to find out where ever the slave services will be available.

Activation of Temporary Master

When master web service getting failed, all available slaves are getting activation. The master web service is ready to ping the availability status of each and every slaves. Master web service sending request query to available slave when getting the result of success from called slave.

Client Service:

Client service roles are, When a slave service will be enabled immediately checkout the responding service will be available or not. Suppose if current slave service getting fail status means immediately switch over another available or valid slave service will be called. These processes are done frequently between slave services.




             Processor                                  :           Pentium –IV

              CPU Clock Speed                  :           3.1 GHz

              Board   Memory                       :           640 KB

              Hard Disc Capacity                 :           10 GB

              DVD WRITTER                       :           52 X

              Display Type                            :           VGA

              Monitor                                      :           15” Digital

              Pointing Device                      :           Mouse           

              Key Board                                :           104 keys


Operating System                :           WINDOWS 2000


Service Pack                         :           WINDOWS 2000 SERVICE PACK



Software Used

Front - End                            :           ASP.NET 2.0

Back - End                            :           SQL SERVER 2005

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