Problem of the Day

  The objective of the event is to "invite learners to solve problems" . Various Learning circles (LC's) provide a context for these Sample Problems & Solution sets / Submissions. Classle learners are invited to post 'Solution Sets / Submissions' in response to the posted 'Sample Problems ' . Similar Sample Problems in various Learning Circles can also be created by Learners inviting others to respond.

  The Answers ( Solution Sets proposed / Submissions) are open for Voting by other learners . The Sample Problem might be about Academic subjects or even related to Placements ( Soft Skills / Analytical / Aptitute etc) based on the Learning Circle joined.

  This event helps in re-iterating the focus of Learning Circles , each of which correspond typically to a subject/paper one' studies and having proper study material & discussions around it.

Mechanical Engineering :
Problem #1
What is the angle between two unit-magnitude coplanar vectors P(0.866, 0.500,0) and Q(0.259, 0.966,0) ?A lot has 13% defective items. Eleven items are chosen randomly from this lot. What is the probability that exactly 3 of the chosen items are defective.View Sample problem | Submit Submission

Electronics Engineering :
Problem #1
The leads of a multimeter are across a diode in the following manner:
Red lead connects to the end of diode with marking band, and the black lead
connects on other end. What does a reading of –0.8 volts indicate?
Explain with an example.View Sample problem | Submit Submission

Computer Science Engineering :
Problem #1
Ten signals, each requiring 4000 Hz, are multiplexed on to a single channel
using FDM. How much minimum bandwidth is required for the multiplexed channel? Assume that
the guard bands are 400 Hz wide.View Sample problem | Submit Submissions