Our Dream

In the past few decades, there has been a massive advent in the progression of technology. There has been a ceaseless urge to keep improving and developing everything that we have. Machines and tools have become smaller, smarter and more efficient. It is becoming easier and easier to find information and connect with people. People are now able to perform feats that were never even thought possible, all with the help of technology.
The world is moving so fast and to keep up with it, one must run at the same pace. But how can one run in stride with this constantly advancing modern world if their knowledge of said world is lagging? The institutions of today world have not progressed as fast as technology has, and there is thus a vast gap between what emerging students know and what employers need them to know. This skill gap is present in all fields: in terms of subject knowledge, communication skills, as well as critical and logical thinking.
Quality education is also still not a democratic commodity. There is raw talent everywhere, waiting to be harnessed, but students do not get a chance to properly hone their innate talent nor get discovered if they are not provided with good quality education and opportunities.
What can we do to solve these problems? How can we solve problems of lack of awareness and unemployment, while improving the quality of emerging graduates and subsequently, the industries?
Well, that is what Classle aim and dream is.

Who Are We?

Classle is a group of people who understand the value of education, who care for those who need and seek to learn, who know the current issues aligned with it, and aim to solve those issues. We are a team of skilled individuals who are equipped to tackle the problems head-on and make a difference in the world to help tem experience the joy of learning.
It aims to do so by means of a net-accessible platform where learners, experts, professionals, and recruiters can assemble together and interact. On the online platform, users can learn their basics,sharpen their skills, learn to think and communicate, participate in periodical events, even get in touch with professionals and employers to get a job.
On the Classle platform:
  • A user can have concepts taught to them by expert teachers and professionals by means of videos and digital courses (MOOC).
  • A learner can browse through user-made research content, assess themselves through quizzes and improve their critical thinking and communication skills through the available facilities.
  • A user can have activity that he/she performs count for larger goals, like jobs, internships,etc.
  • Experts, professionals and teachers in their respective fields and subjects can not only teach,but also give career guidance and project mentoring to their students.
  • A learner gets an overall enjoyable experience and feels the true joy of learning through the gamified system and periodical events.
Thus, a learner on Classle, whoever they may be, will get a holistic learning experience, starting from the acquirement of skills, to its development through guidance and mentoring, all the way up to employment and beyond.