Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Classle?
Classle is a virtual meeting ground for those willing to learn and those eager to teach. It is a hub for learning, interaction, and networking. We provide a platform for learners to acquire skills, and for industry experts, academics, professionals, and recruiters to discover and hone talent. 
2. How is Classle different from other course-based websites on the internet?
Unlike other websites, Classle does not restrict itself to simply offering course content. It also allows the user to interact with domain experts, participate in discussion forums, network with industry professionals and find jobs based on their skills and needs. Classle’s courses have the unique distinction of being pedagogically designed to give users the best learning experience.
Classle is not only a place for learners. It also allows teachers, authors and aspiring educators to put up courses, and helps build a reputation for them. It also gives recruiters a platform to identify candidates for employment. 
3. What are the courses available on Classle?
From Artificial Intelligence to Basic French, a wide variety of courses are available on Classle. You may find the list of courses here -
4. Do I have to pay to sign up for Classle?
No, registration on Classle is absolutely free! Some of the courses are nominally priced, however a lot of them are available for free. 
5. How do I sign up for a course?
Signing up for a course on Classle is very simple. Once you have registered as a user on the website, you may visit the Courses page (, choose your pick and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button below the course. 
6. Can I download courses?
No, unfortunately. But you can sync your courses onto the Classle app and watch the video lectures in an offline mode. The app is found at
7. Is there a time frame to complete the courses?
Yes, there is, and it varies from course to course. You will find information about the duration of the course on the course description page. 
8. What will I get when I complete a course?
Completing courses on Classle can earn you digital certificates, badges, and even prizes based on the nature of the course. Completing a course will also be mentioned in your holistic assessment report, which is a report that can be seen by potential recruiters looking for talent.
9. I don't own a laptop or a computer. How can I access Classle?
All you need, in order to access Classle, is a mobile device. Classle is available as an Android app, and it is available for free download here - 
10. What software should I install in my system before I begin a course?
Nothing at all! However, if you would like to access Classle from a mobile device, you must download the Classle app on your Android device. It is available for free download here -
11. Can I unenroll from a course?
Yes, you can.
12. I have forgotten my password. How do I log in now? 
Choose the 'Forgot Password' link from the login block. Enter either your user name or e-mail id and click on 'E-mail new password'. You will receive an e-mail from the Classle Admin, and click on the link provided in the e-mail. 
13. Will I get to interact with an expert if I sign up for a course?
Yes, you will. With our ‘Ask Our Expert’ feature, you will get to write to the expert and get your questions resolved by them. 
14. Am I allowed to share Classle’s content on my website or blog?
Yes, you are, however you will need to let us know about your interest in sharing our content on your website or blog. Do write to us at, and let us know how you would like to affiliate with us.  
15. How do I report abuse?
You may report abuse by using the ‘Flag Abuse’ link that appears next to many pieces of contents on the Classle website. If this does not resolve the issue, we suggest that you to write to us at with a reference to the content in question.
We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Write to us at
Report a Problem
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