Founded in 2009 by Vaidyanathan, Classle is a virtual meeting ground for those willing to learn and those eager to teach. It is a hub for learning, interaction, and networking. We provide a platform for learners to acquire skills, and for industry experts, academics, professionals, and recruiters to discover and hone talent.
Classle constructs bridges between learners and educators; employers and skilled people, all the while removing barriers of logistics, time, language, and technological reach. By taking away the walls of brick and mortar schools, we provide means by which anyone and everyone can gain access to quality education and skills. At Classle, we acknowledge the fact that learning is a continuous, lifelong process, and we encourage people of all ages to take up a variety of courses, ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Basic French. We also provide learners with ample opportunities to connect with peers, experts, employers, and academics, to enable them to build their own professional and personal networks.
On Classle, learning happens both online and offline. It allows you to learn from expert teachers and professionals by means of digital courses, from the comfort of your home. Using analytics, it ensures that the learning is engaging and participative in nature. Classle provides tools for learners to create and share content, watch video lessons, take up quizzes, contact experts, and partake in course-related discussions. It also tracks your progress, and gives you the opportunity to showcase your holistic assessment journal to prospective employers.
At Classle, we do not focus only on learners. We also acknowledge the educator in individuals. We support authors, teachers, educational organizations, and industry professionals, by giving them a free, virtual space to teach, guide, mentor, and scoop out talent.
Thus far, we have 1800+ courses in topics as diverse as Wealth Management, French Language and Raspberry Pi. We have 3,50,000+ learners enrolled on Classle.
For further information about us, write to us at or call us at 044 4215 8623.
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