Our Mission
There are over 7 billion people in this world, and yet, nearly 4.4 billion don’t get access to education. And among those who remain, most of them do not get access to quality education. Raw, untapped talent exists everywhere, waiting to be discovered, honed, and harnessed, but with education and opportunity not being a democratic commodity, the chance to find it is reserved to a mere fraction of the population.
The world is moving at a fast pace. One must be equipped with the necessary skills in order for them to sustain in the rat race. At the moment, only a select few have the privilege to acquire these skills. At Classle, we aim to ensure that the opportunity to learn is provided to everyone, everywhere.
Classle’s mission is to construct bridges between learners and educators; employers and skilled people, all the while removing barriers of logistics, time, language, and technological reach. Armed with the idea of taking away the walls of brick and mortar schools, we provide means by which anyone and everyone can gain access to quality education and skills, thus making learning a continuous, lifelong process. We also provide our users with opportunities to connect with peers, experts, employers, and authors, in order to aid them in building their professional and personal networks.
Why Classle?
Classle is a hub of learning, interaction, opportunity, and connection. It is a platform for learners, experts, academic and industry professionals, and recruiters to meet, gain and provide skills, and discover and hone talent. Here, one can learn both online and offline, get exposed to multiple levels of knowledge, and also pick up skills that will aid them in thinking, communicating, and surviving in today’s professional world.
  • On the Classle platform:
  • - You can learn from expert teachers and professionals by means of digital courses, either online or offline, thus allowing you to learn from anywhere, anytime.
  • - You can create and share content, assess yourself through quizzes, and improve your critical thinking and communication skills.
  • - Everything you do will get recorded and quantified. Show your holistic assessment journal to prospective recruiters, so that your persistence and talent can be recognized and considered for jobs and internships.
  • - If you’re an author, teacher, an organization, or a professional, you can teach, guide, mentor, and even scope out talent.
Learn, get inspired and succeed with Classle.
Our Team
Classle is a group of people who understand the value of education, who care for those who need and seek to learn, who know the current issues aligned with it, and aim to solve those issues. We are a team of skilled individuals who are equipped to tackle the problems head-on and make a difference in the world to help them experience the joy of learning.
V Vaidyanathan
Founder & CEO
A strategic thinker and an innovator, Vaidy aims to transform the approach to learning for people all over the world. He thus spends his time expanding Classle’s borders and directing it towards its vision.
Prior to this, he was the Global Innovation Leader at Cognizant and played a number of other leading roles. He’s also a member of the National Accreditation Evaluation Committee for Distance Education Programs.

K Anantha Raman
Vice President
In Classle, Anantha drives the account management and pre-sales teams. He works closely with the end customers and prospects, to understand their needs and provide them with right solutions to meet their challenges.
Before joining Classle, Anantha worked with HCL and Cognizant, and performed various roles across academic, corporate, business line, and project management.
Mani Kant Agrawal
Chief Operations & Strategy Officer
As COO and Strategy Officer, Mani spends his time looking to expand Classle’s platform and knowledge base so it can reach every corner of the globe.
Before teaming up with Vaidyanathan, his associate from Cognizant, he was an Operational Strategy Expert and consultant with McKinsey, and serial entrepreneur with a number of companies, including Xaxii and O’Leche.

Shivram Lakshminarayanan
Head of Data Analytics
A self-proclaimed data junkie, Shivram spends most of his time cajoling data to get insights that would ensure Classle users get the best experience on board the platform.
Prior to Classle, Shivram was a Senior Business Analyst with Affine Analytics and Mu Sigma. In addition to being a data analyst, he is also a long distance runner and a quizzing enthusiast.